Beetle by Vrbanus

This is our take on the famous Volkswagen Beetle, handmade from wrought iron


Why did you do it?

Because we have more than 30 years experience in making metal products, so we wanted to show what we can do


Where is this

Our company is based in Sisak, Croatia, a town more than 2000 years old


What is the Beetle made of?

Handmade wrought iron, heated, bent, hammered, and welded onto the original chasis


How long did it take?

We worked painstakingly for 3.500 hours, or 6 months in total


What is left of the original car?

We preserved the chasis, motor, and some details like wheelcaps and mirrors. Of course, all the windows are also from the 1970 original


Where is the original bodywork?

We took it down, and replaced it fully with our designs. There is no old bodywork left, so the cars body is now transparent


Does it drive?

Of course it drives. It is just slightly heavier than the original, an it drives like the normal 1970 Beetle


What are these?

Deatils are gold-plated and decorated with more than 5000 original Swarovski crystals


When did you do it?

The Beetle is originally presented at the 2002 Munich fair, and additionally decorated for 2012 Essen Motor Show


Is it for sale?

No. It is, however, available for exhibiting at car shows, fairs or other events. We do not advise it to be driven


What happens when it rains?

Ah, the inevitable question... On rainy days, we keep it inside. Just like any other day


And what is this?

This is a crinoline made from wrought iron in the same style as the Beetle. It is also available for exhibitions

What do you do now?

We have a small shop. We manufacture stamps, different laser engraved products, etc... Visit us at: