About us

Metal art workshop "Vrbanus" was founded in 1981 as a fancy-goods workshop for manufacturing items of common metals. From that time until now, the company was modernized several times and equipped with new machines, which have speeded up the process of production and increased the quality of final products.

In 1991 The Basic Chamber of Commerce, and The Alliance of Sole Proprietors, both from Sisak, according to the conclusion of The Committee for Art Handicraft from Zagreb, have awarded the owner of Metal fancy-goods "Vrbanus" the degree for making products of hammered metal, artistic metal shaping, and achieved results in improving of the artistic approach to handicraft. That degree gives our company "THE STATUS OF AN ART WORKSHOP", as the only one for that kind of business in the state.

In 2002 we produced the world-famous wrought iron Volkswagen Beetle by Vrbanus, to show that we can make anything you can imagine.

In 2012 Beetle by Vrbanus was refurbished with new gold plating and decorated with more than 5000 Swarovsky crystals. In december 2012 it was exhibited at the Essen Motor Show, where it attracted the attention of more than 300.000 visitors from all over the world.

Except from wrought iron, today we also have a shop at Sisak marketplace, where we provide craft services like copying keys and laser engravig of different promotional products, ornaments, jewelery, awards, etc.

Products and services

Beetle by Vrbanus

3500 man hours, 6 months of work, 24-carat gold leaves, 5000 Swarovsky crystals, and all that knitted with love and effort. Completely functional 1970 Volkswagen Beetle got the new bodywork made of wrought iron, and became world-famous. In almost every country in the world different media have published stories about us, thanks to this unique car. For more details please click here.

Wrought iron

Fences, balconies, doors, stairs, chandaliers, furniture... all you can think of made of hammered metal, we can make true. From the simplest to the most complicated of designs, we will provide you with the best option that fits into your interior or exterior, and create the unique product that will fit perfectly into your style and image. You can check our catalogue here and for more details, feel free to contact us.

Laser engraving

name plates, stamps, cups, medals, plques, promotional products, pendants, even jewelery.You can find it all in our shop at Sisak marketplace, or on this speciallized web site: Graviranje

Awards and acknowledgements

1991 - The Status of an Art Workshop

2000 - Best Product Award (The Istria Crafts Fair)

April 2001 - "Laborious Hands" (Award from Ministry of crafts)

May 2001 - Special Acknowledgement (The Osijek Craft Fair)

June 2001 - "Golden Hands" (The Croatian Craftsmen Chamber)

March 2002 - Acknowledgement from IHM Munich, for 10 year of exhibiting

April 2002 - Diploma (Rijeka Craft Fair, HOT 02)

June 2002 - The Town of Sisak Yearly Award

...and many other.


Metalna galanterija Vrbanus
HR-44000 Sisak
Obrtnička 10
+385 44 492 462

Outlet: Sisak Marketplace
I.K. Sakcinskog 28
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e-mail: vrbanus@vrbanus.com